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Optimize your operation. FVB offers services and products within the electricity and automation area.
Waste incineration
Waste incineration produces energy, solving waste problems in an economic and environmental-friendly way.
Biogas production
Biogas could be produced from a variety of raw materials, while solving environmental problems in the process. The biogas could then be utilized as fuel for vehicles, for heat and/or power production, or as input in natural gas networks.
Have FVB document your plant digitally.
Energy audits
Increasingly more countries legislate on energy audits or declarations, carried out by independent experts, in order to decrease energy use in buildings. FVB can provide solutions that translate government requirements into operative customer value.
Real estate
Comprehensive energy solutions resulting in economic and technical customer value.
Mitigating increasing power costs
FVB assists in diminishing electricity consumption, making your business more competitive. FVB are experts in rendering more efficient energy. And the potential for doing so is great, in industry and in commercial buildings.
Estimating future heat market
Many factors influence the future sales of heating. Better and structurized analyses of these factors result in more accurate capital investment assessments.
Combined Heat and Power
Carbon emissions trading, renewable energy certificates, and new taxation have all increased the incentives for CHP.
In Sweden, FVB is the market leader in district cooling, handling the whole chain from market analyses to putting into service.
Repair or replace damaged district heating pipes?
FVB have developed a model providing possibilities for planning re-investments in a district heating network.
FVBs combination of competence within environment, legislation and technology makes us the complete energy and environment consultancy.
Network analyses
Analyses of a district heating network will provide information of its performance during various load conditions.
Industrial power production
There is a worldwide profitable potential for industries to invest in co-generation.
Cut energy taxes
Estimations of the potential of cutting energy tax costs through changes in electricity consumption.
Lowering temperature
Lower temperatures in a district heating system will lead to better profitability.