Communicating flows on industry's own terms
Industrial energy and process technology is about processes in an industrial environment. Production, distribution, control, efficiency, adaption and development are all examples. In the world of FVB, processes could be everything from the production of cooling or efficient waste heat recovery, to the development of automated systems and getting them operative. The starting point is always the client's demand on efficiency and revenue, as well as local conditions.

Water, steam, oil, gas and other media
FVB's experience from production and distribution in the energy industry, early provided an opportunity to develop this and other media flows within industry. The common denominator is production, distribution and recovery of steam, compressed air, and other gases and fluids. FVB's clients are found within many industrial branches, such as steel, forest, pharmaceuticals, food, manufacturing and other process industries.

FVB is also a leading consultancy in the fields of cleaning, production and distribution of biogas. Biogas used as a fuel for vehicles is expanding globally and has a strong eco-profile.

Access to natural gas provides opportunities for a rapid expansion of CHP and alternative fuels for vehicles. FVB is prepared.

Automation for better profitability
Within automation, which is a broader concept than control and regulation technology, FVB has, besides pure upgrading, not only developed a considerable competence in optimizing existing control systems, but also in optimizing entire plants. We link up individual functions of a production process a comprehensive system with distinct user interfaces.

Efficient handling and documentation of historic production and process data in real-time create the basis for intelligent decisions for the future.