Combined Heat and Power

Energy twice utilized
Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is double energy production, followed by reason. Where conditions apply, it is obvious that we should use more efficient solutions to cover the energy demand of the community. CHP takes most advantage of available resources. In many countries the prerequisites are at hand for an expansion of CHP. In Sweden, and other countries with district heating networks, a major part of the investments has already been made.

Increased potential
Electricity produced in CHP has a small global share today. There is a great potential for increased CHP production. Favourable taxes, trades in renewable energy certificates and rising electricity prices all pushes towards an expansion of CHP. And FVB is there, on behalf of our clients. We identify and analyze options, and adapt the plants to the technical and economic environment of tomorrow.

FVB has played an active role in the expansion of CHP in the United States, Canada and the Baltic countries, as well as Sweden.

Optimized systems – the key to success
With our philosophy of clever interaction between CHP and district heating, FVB definitely takes the lead in this rapidly emerging market. To gain optimal profitability and flexibility, the CHP production should be adapted to and consistently optimized with the district heating system. All the way from production to end customer.