Increasing demands on cooling and comfort
District cooling has expanded markedly in Sweden, following the first pilot study on district cooling, carried out by FVB in 1991. Today people are making increasingly stronger demands for an even and comfortable in-door environment, while the increased use of computers and other electrical equipment results in a need for more cooling.

Since the early 90´s, the expansion of district cooling in Sweden has made this nation a world leader in district cooling technology. FVB has been the chief consultancy during the expansion of the district cooling system in Stockholm, one of the biggest systems in Europe.

District cooling here to stay
It has been possible to combine the increasing demands on comfort in modern homes and public buildings with the rendering of energy more efficient and environmentally optimized processes.

To say that FVB has played an important part in this rapid expansion is not to exaggerate. In Sweden – where conditions are in reality less favourable than in many other nations around the world – but also in North America and the Middle East. FVB is today the market leading consultancy within district cooling.

Increased efficiency in district heating networks through district cooling
Local conditions create the opportunities. With access to lake or sea water, cold water from the seabed could be utilized as a cooler free of charge. An existing district heating system implies that heat pumps or absorption refrigerators could be an alternative. The rationale is of course a better utilization of resources, as well as a better environment. Indoors and outside.