Efficiency benefitting society
In 1970, district heating started to spread outside the major cities in Sweden. And FVB was already there. Today district heating covers almost half of the heating requirements in Sweden. District heating provides unique opportunities of utilizing environment-friendly fuels and resources that would otherwise have been wasted. Today district heating is a well-established supplier to homes and workplaces alike in Sweden.

Heating in all situations
FVB has the complete competence in every aspect of heating and district heating: technologically, economically and environmentally.

Among other things, heating means, to us, increased recovery of waste heat and collaboration between local industries and the surrounding community. Innovative systems thinking could result in lower costs for energy producers as well as real estate owners. Our task is to make reality of the obvious and expose hidden opportunities.

Exporting know-how
Through a great number of international assignments, FVB has disseminated cutting-edge Swedish district heating know-how and at the same time acquired a unique competence. In these assignments, FVB has also learnt how to adapt Swedish technology to local conditions, not least in Central and Eastern Europe, and in North America, markets with differing economic conditions, technologies and legal requirements.

The FVB knowhow goes far beyond the tested technologies of today and well into the comprehensive energy solutions, efficiency levels and profitability requirements of tomorrow. Playing an active role in current energy research and development has become a natural part of the daily work at FVB. And the results are always put to the best benefit of our clients.