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Welcome to FVB!

FVB is headquartered in Sweden, employing more than 100 energy consultants at nine local offices. In Sweden and internationally we are a leading energy consultancy within Heating, Cooling, Combined Heat and Power and Processes. Our offices in Sweden, Canada, the Unites States and Bahrain offer our clients added value through local representation in a globalized market.

Vision. FVB shall be the leading energy consultancy in Sweden and internationally.

Mission. Based on cutting-edge competence and manifest personal commitment FVB shall diminish climate impact and contribute to a sustainable society.

Business concept. FVB is the complete energy consultancy that creates profit for our clients through efficient and environment friendly solutions.

Through our independence and professional scope we will provide everything needed by the client, from markets analyses and customer communication, by feasibility studies, design and construction management, to commissioning and provide documentation. We will take part in and influence energy industrial research and development, as well as making this type of business more efficient with ever-increasing customer focus.

Our customers are energy companies, real estate and industry.